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Stackable Promos at Perdue Farms

We have an outstanding mix of stackable offers for Perdue Farms affiliates to share today! One is a BOGO offer and the other is a FREE Bonus product for ALL orders, no matter their size!

BOGO – Organic Chicken Breasts

With this “buy one get one” free offer you can share a deal that provides your audience with approximately 6 pounds of Perdue Harvestland Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts for $19.98. The affiliate link for this offer is ShareASale link ID #1023278 and you can run it for the next few weeks (while supplies last but I was told inventory is currently strong on this item). Remember, this is ORGANIC chicken below most conventionally-raised chicken prices and it’s shipped to your door!

Bonus Product! FREE Product with Order

This deal stacks on top of the BOGO offer noted above (or anything else you buy at Perdue Farms). It applies to orders of all sizes and when activated loads your Perdue Farms shopping cart with a FREE Bonus Item. The bonus item offered is likely to change so we recommend using generic bonus terms when describing. You can run this special link (ShareASale link ID #882062) now through May 24 — and remember to let your audience know it is a stackable deal on the BOGO promo above (or anything else they find to buy at Perdue Farms).

Other Food Deals

When pitching the free bonus product you may want to direct your affiliate clicks through the highly-converting Perdue Farms Food Deals page. ShareASale link ID #1871507 is ideal for this landing page as it’s an “evergreen” affiliate link to this page.

Finally, it’s a good idea to remind your customers that orders over $159.99 ship free for areas that can be covered by Perdue Farms’ ground shipping. Here is a quick summary of their shipping details:

Free shipping discounts Perdue Farms' ground shipping method. Some Midwestern, Southwestern and Western U.S. states are required to use expedited air shipping due to longer transit times. Visit here for more about Perdue Farms' shipping process.

Update on 09-May-2023

Perdue Farms¬†made a change today that went into effect just a short while ago. The BOGO offer is no longer for Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (though these items are still in-stock and on sale). The updated BOGO offer is for their regular Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts. But that’s not all! The current price-point on this approximately 3-pound package is $14.99 (meaning you’ll get 6-pounds for $14.99). PLUS you can buy multiple packages and get a second one free for each package you buy! AND, the bonus product still stacks on this offer!

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