Privacy Policy

This may be the shortest privacy policy you've ever seen!

Site-wide SSL Encryption Used

From the beginning we set up Affilinomics using site-wide SSL which means everything is encrypted. This step was not necessary since we’re not selling products on Affilinomics; however, it was done because we value security and privacy at all levels (even for our contact form) and because widespread use of encryption can help those in danger from tyrannical governments.

Limited Data Collection

Other than what you share with us through our contact form and what is anonymously collected through our visitor analytics and site usage software (we use Clicky and/or Visitor Analytics [affiliate links] and avoid Google Analytics), we don’t know who uses Affilinomics. Affilinomics does very little data collection and analysis other than for the purpose of monitoring site usage and visitor traffic patterns.

Skimlinks is Installed

While we have very few links on Affilinomics that are viable candidates for conversion to affiliate links, we installed the Skimlinks JavaScript code on Affilinomics Skimlinks is an affiliate service provider that helps publishers monetize their content by automatically swapping out their direct links to affiliate links (and it does so "on the fly" without our knowledge – unless we go look up the reports which, by the way, are anonymized).

This step may earn a few dollars a year from outgoing visits; however, more importantly, it serves as a great example for us to use in showing affiliate publishers how Skimlinks works. It also allows us to support one of the larger affiliate service entities within the performance marketing industry.

That’s All Folks!

Thank you for using Affilinomics.