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Stackable Promos at Perdue Farms

Announcing two stackable offers within the Perdue Farms Affiliate Program that are ready for ShareASale affiliates to promote in May 2023.

Featured Affiliate Offers for 28-Mar-2023

Announcing several new affiliate-only offers for the Perdue Farms Affiliate Program that are ready for ShareASale affiliates to share.

Announcing the Captain Mail Affiliate Program

Affilinomics is pleased to launch and manage the Captain Mail Affiliate Program exclusively on ShareASale. Earn up to 25% commission promoting exciting gifts of knowledge for kids!

Affilinomics Updates / Affiliate Marketing News

Featuring performance marketing news, affiliate tips and industry updates curated by the Affilinomics Team and posted to @Affilinomics_com.

For seasoning, consider joining Grill Masters Club! We manage their affiliate program too! Details at

For the walnut fans of the world!

This handout contains additional details about and links to the recommended resources plus some bonus material.

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The Perdue Farms affiliate program enables you to become part of a longstanding, family-owned brand that is firmly rooted in American homes.

Read the full article: Perdue Farms Affiliate Program Details

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Exclusively available on ShareASale, AffGeek is pleased to announce the launch of the Captain Mail Affiliate Program!

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I also updated my previous recommendations and added some additional resource suggestions to include more than 20 WordPress plugins.

Read the full article: WordPress Tips for Affiliate Marketers

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WordPress Tips for Affiliate Marketers - Affilinomics

Performance Marketing Association Conference 2022 Presentation: 20+ tips for affiliate publishers who work with WordPress....

How-to Guides for ShareASale Affiliates

Read the full article: InfiniteAloe Affiliate Program Details

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InfiniteAloe Affiliate Program - Affilinomics

InfiniteAloe Affiliate Program Details Join the InfiniteAloe Affiliate Program Earn more promoting advanced skincareBased ...

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