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Announcing the Captain Mail Affiliate Program

Activated on February 22, 2023 and exclusively available on ShareASale, Affilinomics is pleased to announce the launch of the Captain Mail Affiliate Program. Captain Mail provides fun and educational packets mailed to children on a subscription basis. Captain Mail ships internationally and, accordingly, is seeking affiliates worldwide. Captain Mail was created by a husband and wife team as a fun way to get their young children excited about learning new topics and creating a relationship with reading.

You can learn more about the Captain Mail Affiliate Program (here is their ShareASale signup link) but, in summary, the packets they mail children are carefully curated and powered by Encyclopedia Britannica Kids. In addition to the educational content, this fun newsletter includes a 3D papercraft toy as well as “attainable superpower” life lessons and an introduction to a classical music “song of the week.” This newsletter is sent by mail at a prescribed cadence and on a personalized envelope to create an exciting, screen-free learning experience for children and their parents / caregivers to work through together.

Affiliates can earn up to 25% commission promoting Captain Mail. Cookie life is 90-days and ShareASale auto-deposit is enabled. Coupon codes and promotions are available for affiliates to share with their audiences.

Be sure to apply to the Captain Mail Affiliate Program today!

Captain Mail Newsletter

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